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Best Sod for South Alabama Landscapes

Do you have patchy grass or just plain dirt? If so, you know you want to lay down sod. The true question is, what kind? If you live in the Mobile and Baldwin County area then you are in Zone 8. This zone allows Bermuda, Centipede, St.Augustine, and Zoysia grass to grow. With all of these grasses in mind, the unparalleled sod is Zoysia.

Empire Zoysia, AKA Empire Japonica, is arguably the best looking grass in this area and the most popular. It is drought, heat, cold, salt, and moderately shade tolerant. Empire Zoysia is also wear resistant and recovers fast. The beautiful dark green and thick blades fill in all landscapes for residential and commercial lawns.

Bermuda grass is sun-loving with poor shade tolerance but tolerates drought. Turns brown in colder weather but are popular in residential lawns and sports fields. Has a dark green color and medium thickness to blades.

Centipede grass is a pale green color with medium coarseness and is low-growing. Requires the least attentiveness of these grasses but still requires full sun.

St. Augustine has poor drought, cold, and wear tolerance. The color ranges from light to dark green. It is coarse-textured and has great shade tolerance.

The first two weeks after sod is installed, it is critical to give your lawn 1 inch of water a week. All grass should be watered once a week but has less of a chance of dying than newly installed turf. The easiest way to water your turf would be with an irrigation timer that waters your sod on a regular basis.