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Landscaping is the Best Return on Investment for Sellers

Looking to put your property on the market? A lot of the time buyers make their decision before they even walk through the door so lets talk about curb appeal. Landscaping is one of the few projects that is almost always likely to provide a one hundred percent return on investment.

A good landscape design is the first step to creating great curb appeal. The plants and placement and size of them should compliment the building, whether it be a house or a commercial property. Not to big to hide the building and not to small to be underwhelming. The color of the plants must also be considered, the color should be drawing the eyes to the features of the building not distracting from it. The windows and other features shouldn’t be hidden or covered and all the shrubs and trees should be neatly and properly pruned to almost frame the features of the building.

For a home specifically, the living areas of the outdoor spaces should also be highlighted. If you have a front porch, make sure you have that it’s inviting and ties the exterior with the interior. Outdoor furniture also makes the area feel more livable. A swing, table and chairs, benches, and pots and planters with vibrant plants will all draw eyes to the front door and entry way. Just make sure that everything is proportionate and doesn’t clutter the space.

Probably the best ROI as far as landscaping is concerned is lighting. Landscape lighting alone can increase your property value up to 20%. In addition to lighting walkways and paths to make them safer to travers at night, landscape lighting also highlights the features of you building and your landscaping adding a sense of a style and safety.

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