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Poor Drainage Can Cause Problems in Your Landscaping

When you have running or standing water in your yard, you often have a host of other problems caused by poor drainage. DC Lawn & Landscape can correct your excessive water problems with a carefully designed drainage system. We can also repair your landscaping and lawn before you’ve got permanent damage to your property. Standing or running water problems can be serious and should not be ignored:

        • Your yard can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes
        • Standing or running water can kill your grass and valuable plants
        • Running water can wash away top soil and cause erosion
        • Drainage problems can leach nutrients from your soil
        • Excess water from drainage problems can cause flooding on your property or even inside your home
        • Excess water has the potential to damage your foundation causing structural instability.
Drainage Installation by DC Lawn and Landscape in Magnolia Springs Al

DC Lawn & Landscape Can Correct Your Water Drainage Problems

Protect your investment in your landscaping and your home with an expert solution that may include a new drainage system and new or repaired landscaping elements. Our professionals will come out to your property, take a good look around and diagnose the problems caused by water that doesn’t drain properly. Then we’ll offer a solution to your drainage problem so you can continue to enjoy your home without worry. We can also correct any existing damage to your lawn or landscape by installing new sod or plants that have been damaged by running or standing water. We offer free quotes so you have nothing to lose by contacting us… except your drainage problem! Call or email today!

Types of Drainage Solutions for Your Home

Depending on the source and severity of your water problem, we can recommend and install one of many different types of drainage systems, customized for your property, to correct your drainage issues.

  • French drains: When you’ve got an area in your yard that is slow-drying or retains water over a period of time, this can kill your turf and your landscaping. A French drain works to speed up the process of water draining away.
  • Catch basin drain: When your drainage issue is areas in your yard that fill up during storms, a catch basin drain can be designed to carry water away rapidly in a heavy downpour situation.
  • Straight drains: These drainage systems are designed to carry water away from gutter downspouts directly to the edge of the yard with the lowest elevation.
  • Storm drains: When severe storms cause a flash flood situation on your property, a storm drain can carry away large amounts of water very quickly and protect your landscaping.
  • Pump drains: These drains are designed to carry water away from a pump in a subsurface structure to prevent water damage.
  • Retaining wall drains: If you’ve got both running water and a retaining wall, you may need a drain to prevent sheet flooding of your property from surrounding higher elevation properties. The drain will trap water in a drain pipe running through a retaining wall break point and funnel it away.

Don’t let drainage problems go on any longer. Give DC Lawn & Landscape a call. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!

Drainage Installation by DC Lawn and Landscape in Daphne Al