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Irrigation Systems Help Protect Your Valuable Landscape

If you’re a homeowner in Baldwin County in Alabama, you know how unpredictable the rainfall is here. Although we have one of the highest levels of rainfall in the country, some months it seems to come all in one week and other months it’s painfully dry. Keeping plants and turf healthy under these conditions is practically impossible without an irrigation system that can include both sprinklers for your turf, a drip system for tender shrubs and trees, and timers that can be set and adjusted to the right intervals throughout the year.

Irrigation install by DC Lawn and Landscape in Orange Beach, Al

Irrigation Systems Conserve Water and Time and Keep Your Landscape Healthy

Sprinkler or drip irrigation helps conserve your valuable time. With set timers, there is no need for you to be distracted from your daily schedule. When you’re out of town during the growing season, irrigation systems can also provide peace of mind that your plants are being watered correctly and your landscape investment is being protected.

The sprinkler system timers can  also help preserve the nutrients in your soil by limiting the amount of water to just the right amount. Too much water and the actual structure of your turf can be washed away. Too little water and your lawn can develop dead spots caused by our burning Alabama sun.

Too many people put a sprinkler system out in their yard or flower bed, get busy doing something else and overwater their yard. There are a several problems with this approach. Some of these problems include:

      • Overwatering can cause fungus and mold to develop in your soil
      • Overwatering can encouraging insects to breed
      • Overwatering can lead to a shallow root system
      • Overwatering can lead to root rot and kill your plants.
      • Overwatering can cause standing water and drainage problems

A drip irrigation on your shrubs, annual color and trees can help prevent disease and fungus from growing on plants, a condition that can sometimes occur with a sprinkler. A drip system waters the roots directly providing the plants with the deep refreshing moisture they need to survive and thrive in our climate.

Don't Go Another Year Without a Professionally Installed Irrigation System

At DC Lawn & Landscape, we know that designing and installing the right irrigation and drip system is not “one size fits all”. We start out with a visit to your home and then we design a custom system that helps protect your landscape investment by keeping it healthy with the right amounts of water at the right intervals. We offer free quotes, so if you’re thinking about an irrigation system this year, we’d love to talk to you. In addition, when you also use us for your lawn maintenance, we will keep your timers set to the optimal intervals throughout the year.

We design, install and repair Rainbird systems and other major brands. Give us a call today!

Irrigation repairs, tune-ups, and installation by DC Lawn and Landscape in Fairhope, Al