Irrigation Systems & Drainage

Landscape installation in progress by DC Lawn & Landscape in Fairhope, AL

Save Water And Time

Sprinkler or drip irrigation helps conserve water and time. With set timers, there is no need for you to be distracted from your daily schedule. The set timer also preserves the nutrients in soil and the structure itself to be washed away by excess water. The drip irrigation also helps with preventing disease and fungus from growing on plants by watering the roots directly. Along with installation, we also provide maintenance services.

There are many types of drains for you to choose from, including:

  • French drains: made to dry up slow drying areas that retain water over a period of time and may kill turf.
  • Catch basin drain: designed to carry water away rapidly from areas that retain water during storm situations.
  • Straight drains: designed to carry water away from gutter downspouts directly to the edge of the yard with the lowest elevation.
  • Storm drains: for flash flood situations.
  • Pump drains: designed to carry water away from a pump in a subsurface structure to prevent water damage.
  • Retaining wall drains: to prevent sheet flooding of property from surrounding higher elevated properties to trap in a drain pipe via a retaining wall break point.