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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most beautiful and practical landscaping elements you can add to your property. The benefits are many! 

Outdoor Lighting, Paver patio, walkway, and sitting wall by DC Lawn and Landscape in Orange Beach, Al

Outdoor Lighting for Beauty and Added Property Value

Landscaping your yard is an investment and highlighting some of the design elements with outdoor lighting can add even more beauty, enjoyment and value. When you look in your neighborhood at homes that have added outdoor lighting to their properties, you can immediately see and feel the difference in the ambiance of the home. Outdoor lighting on your fence, lining your walkway, in your garden, around your swimming pool, and around your deck or patio will not only look more beautiful, stylish, and more expensive, but can increase your comfort level when outside on your property as well. 

In addition, many studies have shown that adding well-placed outdoor lighting to your property can actually increase your property value by up to 20% because it extends your livable space. A report by the National Association of Realtors also indicates about a 50% return on your investment. And when you’re trying to sell your home, one that exhibits great curb appeal usually sells more quickly.

DC Lawn & Landscape can create a beautiful and dramatic look for your property that adds real value and joy to your home. Let’s start your project today. Contact us for your free visit and quote.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Security

Is your yard too dark? Could it use some outdoor lighting to make walking at night feel safer? Making sure outdoor walkways and entrances are well-lit is critical for coming and going in the dark, whether it’s for your guests or your own family. Many people use strategically placed outdoor lighting to make their entire yards easier to navigate at night. Lights along paths, near steps or stairs in a retaining wall, along a fence… there are dozens of uses for these small in-ground low-voltage lights. Outdoor lighting installed on a wall, column or fence can even turn your patio, gazebo, deck or porch into a cozy outdoor living area to use at night.

Outdoor lighting can also help your property feel more secure. Imagine your home lit up with larger low-voltage lighting such as spotlights, uplights, and floodlights. Not only does the lighting beautify your home, it can discourage trespassers as well. We can even put them on a timer so your home is lit up at dark or at a specific time and go off whenever you desire. It all starts with your ideas and our expert custom design. Contact us for a free quote.

pergola and outdoor lighting done by DC Lawn and Landscape in Fairhope, Al

Why Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting is Usually Your Best Choice

At DC Lawn & Landscape, we install commercial low-voltage outdoor lighting anywhere you need more light or as an accent to your landscaping. Low-voltage lighting can provide far more choices than high-voltage lighting and is far easier and less-expensive to install and operate. Because these lights are not high-voltage, you are not required to hire a licensed electrician so installation costs and parts are usually less. 

 Remember, low-voltage lights are not necessarily low-output lights. If you need bright lighting, low-voltage LED lighting can be just as bright as high-voltage lighting and requires far less electricity to operate. Low-voltage lighting is usually your best choice for a residential setting. Most people have no need at their private home for the ultra-bright high-voltage lights you might see in a supermarket parking lot.

These lights are almost infinitely adaptable to any setting and can also be moved around as your needs change. This can be especially helpful as your landscape grows and matures or if you want to add new landscape features and lighting to your yard after the lights are installed.

We'd Love to Come Meet You

Low-voltage lights will usually provide everything you need for beauty, safety, and security and they come in literally thousands of shapes, sizes and materials. We will work with you to create your all-important custom design and then install to the plan almost anywhere you wish to enhance your landscape and the architectural features of your home. If you can dream it, we can build it! Contact us today for your free estimate.